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Online software for the whole of your workforce

User-friendly software for the whole of your workforce

Every day, the Nedap Staffing Solutions team is busy developing solutions relating to workforce management, which involves the time recording and scheduling of permanent workers and agency staff. Various organisations across Europe are already making use of one or more variants of the PEP workforce management software.

time recording

An organisation can have several different types of personnel: its own employees, agency staff, self-employed people. But how do you record clearly and distinctly the time that all these people work? PEP Staff has a solution for this.

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Scheduling is a time-consuming task, especially with programs such as Excel, which different people use in different ways. The result is complicated sheets with different colours, departments and times, leading to a lack of clarity. This procedure also generally means having to keep permanent workers and agency staff informed by SMS or telephone. PEP Grid solves these problems.

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access control

Whatever requirements you set for your access control, AEOS is designed in such a way that it adapts to your wishes. Our platform is the ideal foundation for every application of physical access control, anywhere in the world. With AEOS people can focus fully on their core tasks. And that benefits the productivity, creativity and performance of your organisation.

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