Software for the whole of your workforce

The tried and tested workforce management platform.

  • Permanent workers and agency staff in a single time recording system
  • Schedule permanent workers and agency staff in a single screen
  • Rapid implementation

The whole of your workforce in a single simple system

The world around us is getting ever more complex. Whereas in the past it was still possible to build up a prosperous organisation within a single region, today global influences can no longer be ignored. This is not only down to global competition, but also due to other variables. The complexity of our 24-hour economy is also a challenge that manufacturing companies have to deal with. Short deadlines and diversity of demand mean that fluctuations in products and services can no longer be met by workers with permanent contracts alone.


How things operate today is inconceivable without the symbiosis between organisations and temping agencies. Given the developments on the world stage, there seems to be no end to this process. And this is why we no longer believe that a single system can fit the needs of an organisation. The system of the future is one that can respond to the demand for both permanent workers and agency staff.

PEP Software

Software for managing your workforce

Time Recording

An organisation can have several different types of personnel: its own employees, agency staff, self-employed people. But how do you record clearly and distinctly the time that all these people work? PEP Staff has a solution for this.

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Scheduling is frequently a time consuming task, especially with programs such as Excel, where everyone uses their own way of working. Complicated sheets with different colours, departments and times lead to a lack of clarity. This procedure also generally means having to keep permanent workers and agency staff informed by SMS or telephone. PEP Grid solves these problems.

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Access control

Software that does more than simply opening doors. We ensure that people feel safe and we protect their valuable possessions.

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